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Puolustuslaitos Vodka


During the World War 2 the alcohol production in Finland was also part of the war machine. Finnish Defence Department, “Puolustuslaitos”, provided both vodka and local brandy to the needs of the front.


The 75th birthday of the supreme commander of Finnish troops, Field Marshall of Finland Mannerheim was celebrated on the 4th of June 1942. In order to honor the festivities the Field Marshall wanted to offer each soldier of drinking age a 10 cl portion of Puoluslaitos Vodka or brandy. They surely needed it.  


Puoluslaitos Vodka is produced in Kuopio by Lignell & Piispanen – the second oldest family company in Finland.

The long heritage and modern production facilities of Lignell & Piispanen deliver the high quality of Puolustuslaitos Vodka.

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